Branded Motorbike Wallet

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Personalised, hand made leather wallet. Hand crafted, sewn, carved and painted. I began making these for friends in the sports bike scene and they have proved so popular I decided to put them in my shop listings.

Please note: the product image includes a chain, this is an extra £25. The wallet without chain will not include the chain.

If you would like to commission a wallet for a motor brand that is not listed here, please contact me to discuss. 

Those who may desire patch-club apparel, all orders have to taken in STRICT CONJUNCTION with the charter I am endorsed by - SUPPORT 81 WALES ENDORSED .

Please note: White pigment is awkward in all mediums within the Art World, no more so then when using to colour leather. Leather was never made to take a pigment or dye, but dye is the easier and more permanent out of the two. One cannot use a white leather dye, it doesn’t exist, so to have the pigment penetrate the leather with success, it has to be applied layer after layer. Starting with a really dilute solution gradually building up to sometimes a dozen coats or more. All of my pieces that are finished with a professional acyrilic leather paint are finished with a protective barrier, but none the less wear and tear is inevitable over time, in my opinion really only adding to their character.

A Note About Leather Art

PLEASE NOTE: Leather items are hand carved and/or hand stitched. These are one-off pieces. Photos are for illustration purposes only. Your purchase will be unique and be very close to the design in the pictures.