About Tamsin Sarah Leatherworks

Given my varied amount of work over the years as Tamsin Sarah Leatherworks (formally Tamsin Burt Leatherworks), and all sorts of bespoke commissions, my creativity has branched in many directions. I have always endeavoured to work where my passion lies, which I am privileged to say are horses and motorbikes, and all things vintage.

Tamsin Sarah Leatherworks

Having had a love affair with horses from as young as I can remember, being involved in nearly all schools of horsemanship, going on the road became a natural progression whilst beginning a life-time of off-grid living.

Harnesses always needed mending and maintaining, all the more when I had a horse logging business in my early twenties. Over those years I collected all sorts of harness buckles, from the 1940s to the 1960s (the most recent years when horses were still used as the majority in farm work).

I combined these buckles and findings with re-worked saddle leather, making bags and purses, which became sort after at festivals, where I was later invited to showcase my hand-built wagon and leathercraft.

A few years on and I was lucky enough to get on the festival circuit, my work having improved no-end and resulting in being really popular.

To accommodate customer requirements I had to start purchasing whole hides of leather and the best alternative to the now vintage harness buckles from a renowned Foundry in the United Kingdom.

I have a strong desire to make my creations last a lifetime or more, made with love and care entirely by hand, with no machining.

I create leather bags, wallets, belts and accessories. I also design motorcycle patch club apparel.

Tamsin x

If you would like to contact me about my work, please email tamsinleatherworks@gmail.com