Peaky Blinder Style Wallet

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Primary colour

Unique and authentic gift for the Peaky Blinder fan, entirely crafted and sewn by hand. Can be fitted with a chain (optional) either brass or nickel plated brass (silver).

These I order from the harness suppliers and are of the highest quality. The thread is very strong specific for hand sewn items, this wallet will wear beautifully over time becoming more authentic to the era day by day.  Many of my of my relations served in the WW1, my Grand Father, Dr. Stewart Wacher, was a surgeon. He must have witnessed some horrors but also saved the lives of many a poor soul. I am so passionate about this television series- the style, exquisite filming and immaculate sets- but having my own history bound to the era (as with many) only enhances my admiration and fascination.

Please note: the product image includes a chain, this is an extra £25. The wallet with out chain will not include the chain.

A Note About Leather Art

PLEASE NOTE: Leather items are hand carved and/or hand stitched. These are one-off pieces. Photos are for illustration purposes only. Your purchase will be unique and be very close to the design in the pictures.